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It has been almost 2 years since our last update and my logins still work for the site. I never really gave the site a chance but I am willing to this time. I’ll be adding some photos hopefully in the new couple of days so stay tune. I will also be working on applying for affiliates and other stuff. Look out for new stuff.

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News/ Ryan Kwanten Shaves His Head and Debuts a Mustache: Hot or Not?

Has True Blood star Ryan Kwanten been secretly hanging out with Brad Pitt? It sure seems like it, because the 36-year-old star pulled a Pitt and also debuted a new, clean-shaven look this week.

The star arrived at the Toronto Film Festival on Tuesday to promote his latest movie, The Right Kind of Wrong — but he ended up promoting a shaved head, shaved beard and mustache, too.

And gah! We still can’t decide how we feel about Kwanten’s new locks (or, rather, lack thereof). While we’re certainly going to miss the star’s signature shag, we also must admit: The man looks hot. Perhaps we will just have to leave it up to the ladies of Bon Temps to decide.

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Ryan as Venom in Unofficial Short

If you’ve always dreamed of a Marvel movie shot as if it was a contemporary of Godard’s Breathless, well… you’re in luck. Today’s winner in the unauthorized comic book short film lottery goes to True Blood star Ryan Kwanten and director Joe Lynch for their curious take on Spider-Man antagonist Eddie Brock, a.k.a. Venom. Take a look below, but as you might expect, the actual Venom appearance comes pretty late in the game: